About our staff


Our highly trained team of over four internationally trained Ophthalmic consultants, doctors, nurses and researchers are based at the Sloboda Clinic which is headed up by Professor Goran Cudo.

Professor Cudo is a consultant Ophthalmologist and Eye research specialist who has worked in Zagreb since 1999. He specialises in laser eye surgery, vitreoretinal surgery and cutting edge bubble-based therapy.

He was recently cited by a leading Balkan medical journal as one of the region’s top 100 Consultants, in recognition of his groundbreaking work in Ophthalmology.

He says:

“I go to bed at night with the dream of helping people do more with their eyes and their lives”

1985 - Degree in Medicine at The University of Zagreb Medicinski fakultet School of Medicine

 1989 - PhD in Opthamology from Harvard University

Currently continuing sabbatical research at the University of Cambridge whilst also working as a senior lecturer in BioMedical sciences.

Professor Cudo, Dr Marko Huzjak  and Professor Ravi J  Singh were nominated for the Lasker Award in 2009 for contribution to medical science  with the break-through discoveries of the action of an isomer of Oxiglil on the parasympathetic pathways in the optic chiasm.

Professor Cudo has also won the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research for his work on ocular regeneration.

Dr Marko Huzjak  is famous for his work in functional biomaterials for medical devices, nanomaterials, and nanostructures for cell regeneration, winning the Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award from John Hopkins Medical School in 2007.

Professor Ravi J Singh provided a break-through in the treatment of caratcts, inventing a way to create ultra-thin plastic-analogue made out of the sufferers hair cells to manufacture an artificial intraocular lens implant that will not be rejected by the host. For this he was awarded the Nobel Prize for physiology in 2004.